Agricultural Drones

        Agriculture Drones

Technology in agriculture is changing at a very fast pace. From working manually to using various agriculture tools have made it very easier for a farmer to work in their fields. Now agriculture drones are making it even easier for farmers to keep an eye on their crop and other areas of fields.

Agriculture drones provide three types of views to farmers. First, keeping an eye on the crops from air reveals various patterns that explain everything about irrigation, soil variation, pest and fungal infestations.

Second, airborne cameras that can take multispectral images collects data using infrared as well as visual spectrum, all of these can be combined together to make a view which tells  the difference between healthy crop and distressed crop in the way which is not possible with a naked eye.

Finally, drones can survey crops every week, every day or even every hour. This helps to see the changes in the crop, provides opportunities for better crop management by removing trouble spots.

Nowadays, Agriculture drones are being used by many farmers like any other farming tool. With the help of data collected from drones, we can save many of our resources like water, fertilisers etc.  Excessive use of fertilisers ultimately affects the health of consumers having food high in chemicals.

The ability of drones to give collective information and in-depth analysis of crop health helps a farmer manage the crop better and work for precision agriculture.