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John Deere Industrial Farm Equipment Honored At CES

John Deere Industrial Equipment presented at CES to identify and support current and possibly new technologies to agriculture to improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability. John Deere was honored in the Robotics category of the 2021 CES Innovation Awards, which recognizes outstanding product design and technology in consumer tech products. This is the second subsequent year John Deere has obtained a CES Innovation Award. X Series Combines
X Series Combines
John Deere is a CES  » Read more

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As A Farmer What Sort Of Ag Drone Do You Need?

If you are a farmer, you should take advantage of modern science by using an Ag drone. Fixed-wing agricultural drones such as the PrecisionHawk Lancaster, SenseFly eBee SQ, and AgEagle RAPID are often favored by farmers to cover more areas and spend more time in the air than a multi-rotor platform such as the DJI Phantom 4.
Nevertheless, they cannot do everything but are completely suited to large, open-field scanning.  » Read more

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Precision Agriculture Technology Will Help Feed The World

Over the years, the agricultural operation aspect has evolved from growing crops to selling farm equipment. It’s true, the precision agriculture will help feed the world. Our primary focus has become the technology used in farming.
Agriculture, generally, has undergone an evolution. Technology has become an essential part of doing business for every farmer, ag merchant, and an agronomist. In reality, a recent study by Hexa Reports implies precision agriculture is possible to grow  » Read more

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Farmers Can Produce Their Energy And Save On Expenses

Together with energy conservation practices, farmers can start their own energy production to become self-sufficient from the grid. Not only does renewable energy enables the farmer to save money, but it also combats global warming’s effects. Hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, solar, and wind power can create electricity for heating, lighting, and gas for use.
This post outlines and describes appropriate applications for energy options.  With a small primary investment, energy can be obtained for free from renewable  » Read more

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What Generator Do You Need To Keep The Lights On At Your Farm

Losing power during a storm or tornado is no fun, but if the grid goes down in a significant snowstorm, it slows the movement of equipment, machines, and repair people, which adds substantial time to outages. Although this is not usual, we all know that spending an entire week without electricity can and does happen. That is why many farmers own a generator; however, as we’ve found from experience, not all generators are created equal.
The  » Read more

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Two Farmers Using Camera Drones To Simplify Work

John and Ben Ridder’s story is one of the younger generation showing the way for new camera drones technology. The farm is owned by John Ridder (together with his wife, Heidi, and his mom & dad, Yvonne, and Glenn Ridder) and is known as Falling Timber Farm, a full-blooded Polled Hereford cow farm. However, it’s his 14-year-old son, Ben, who conducts the drone on the 200-cow farm in Marthasville, Missouri.
“Since I was  » Read more

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Latest Farm Equipment For Today’s Commercial Farmer

If you are into commercial farming, there are different types of farm equipment that can significantly improve your operations. Commercial farming involves a variety of categories that include but are not limited to the following: animal husbandry, horticulture as well as cereal production.
The primary goal of commercial farming is to maximize production to generate more revenue. However, one thing you should know is that different farming activities are labor intensive. You can achieve high productivity  » Read more

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Cattle Surveillance Drones Offer Many Benefits To Farmers

There has been an increased use of drones in the farming industry in recent years. Many farmers have come around to the idea that these UAVs can help save time, money and effort in crucial operations.
Farmers have learned that these machines are helpful tools when managing crops and looking after their fields. There are many agricultural benefits with GPS tools, imaging, and other software.
Others have embraced drones further for mapping their land, monitoring transportation  » Read more

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Crop Surveillance Drones: Take Your Farming to Next Level

Crop surveillance and monitoring have been made easy with the introduction of video technology and the use of drones. Initially, the only way a farmer could inspect the health and vitality of their fields was by walking through the fields by foot or use the costly method of airplanes filming that flew over the extensive fields.
With the coming of crop surveying drones, farmers can now have their crops inspected using high precision  » Read more

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Drone Cameras Are Being Used To Monitor Farmland Or Livestock

Since the dawn of agriculture, farmers have had to contend with the forces of nature that threatened their livelihoods and very existence.
These threats present themselves in the form of bug infestations such as weevils, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and ticks while microscopic pathogens such as fungi and bacteria have been known to wipe out entire crop harvest and herds of livestock.
The ability to effectively fight these threats lay in early detection before small problems spiral  » Read more

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Aerial Drones: A New Way To Transform Your Agriculture

Aerial drones are basically unmanned aerial vehicles i.e. small aircraft that has no human pilot on board. They may be remotely-controlled or may alternatively fly autonomously based on some preset programs or by use of complex automation systems.
In the ensuing discourse, the drones’ applicability in the field of agriculture is going to be examined by highlighting their general benefits as well as how agricultural drones can help farmers to tell the difference between  » Read more

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Exploring the Potential of Solar Power Technology in Canadian Farms

Increased environmental degradation endangers the very existence of future generations. Fortunately, many governments have reiterated their commitment to curb this through the adoption of greener strategies. The Canadian government recently announced ambitious plans to move towards a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. As part of its efforts, the government even unveiled plans to use 100% renewable energy in federal buildings within eight years (by 2025).
Renewable sources of energy include sources  » Read more

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Farmers Reap Better Yields With Crop Surveying Drones

Agriculture is one sector that is growing rapidly. More and more people are getting into farming and many young people are considering courses in the field. Agriculture has also not been left behind in technology, tech agriculture is becoming popular all over the world.
Among the technological advances in the agricultural sector is the use of drones in agriculture and crop management. The success of your farm largely depends on crop management, which is why it  » Read more

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Why Solar Power Is The Best Option For Global Irrigation Solutions

The world’s population is growing at an alarming rate, stretching out into remote areas across the continents and increasing the density of cities. The basic needs of the people remain the same across the globe – adequate shelter, healthy food, plentiful clean water, sanitation and healthcare provisions.
A clean source of water is the key to much of this. We need reliable pumps to transport water from rivers and underground sources for clean  » Read more

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How UAV’s Are Changing The Future Of Agriculture

Unmanned aerial vehicles are going to be the most important invention of agriculture since the tractor. This is because drones hold much promise with regards to how farmers will be able to monitor their produce on a large scale as well as how harvesting of crops is going to be conducted.
Legality Of Using Drones In Agriculture
The slow-moving bureaucracy of the FAA has finally created new regulations for operational requirements and limitations that  » Read more

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Why All Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Need To Go Digital

Digital technology has integrated into modern product manufacture to a great extent.
Connectivity to digital services and the IoT (Internet of Things) means that devices are smarter and more capable. This is such a common thing, at such a rapid rate of expansion, that digital processes are almost second nature.
Industrial equipment manufacturers need to embrace digital technology to avoid falling behind other competitors. This means new strategies and attitudes to digital tech integration  » Read more

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5 Reasons To Use Cattle Monitoring Drones

Cattle Monitoring Drones
Farmers in countries like Australia and Israel have embraced UAV technology to radically transform how they take care of their livestock. From the comfort of their homes, farmers can now use aerial surveillance, high definition cameras and state of the art sensors to keep a close eye on the location, health and general well-being of their cattle. Here are a few reasons why using drones for monitoring dairy cattle is a  » Read more