Cattle Monitoring Drones

              Cattle Monitoring Drones

The use of drones for monitoring livestock is slowly gaining momentum in various countries. Australia and Israel have already started using lots of cattle monitoring drones.

Farms, where drones are keeping an eye on the livestock, are in less need of manpower; instead, they can easily keep track of their animals without getting into their trucks or hire labor on horseback.

When using cattle monitoring drones farmers can find the lost livestock easily, as these drones are embedded with thermal sensing technology, that is they can find any of the animals using their body temperature. The drones provide clear thermal images which easily reveal the difference between one animal vs. another.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones can act as herders and can replace the dogs, the drone operators use these drones to keep an eye on the sick, distressed or escaped animals.

One of the best uses of drones is that these drones can fly a quick round of the cattle field at any time and anyone can easily review the video made by drones to check the number of the cattle. These drones also help farmers to keep thieves away from the cattle field as they can be easily detected by thermal drones.

Drones are gaining success in every field of life slowly and helping everyone by taking pictures or videos from angles not possible with normal cameras. Anyone can see live video of any place by sitting at a distant place with the help of these drones. Cattle surveillance drones have made the life of the farmers easy because keeping constant watch over livestock is not always possible.

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