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        Agriculture Drones

Dairy and Ag Tech Now provide easy to use drone enables services for the purpose of achieving Precision Agriculture. As we know farming is now far beyond the traditional methods of using animals rather it is totally based on the technology.

But nowadays technology is also moving at a very fast pace as drones have entered into agriculture. Drones are far more economically efficient than employing labour and also they are more precise in their work.

The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems has released a report recently that with the use of drones in various industries including agriculture would create 34000 manufacturing jobs and 70000 new jobs in the United States alone.

Dairy and Ag Tech now gathers data collected from agriculture drones and uses and analyzes this data to increase crop yields. We use the latest tools of agriculture for data analysis and reporting. The output of this data analysis helps us to identify the right time for using fertilizers, water, and other necessities to increase the crop yield.

In dairy farming, with the help of thermal sensing drones, it becomes easier to identify the lost or wandered cattle. Dairy and Ag Tech Now also provides information about how you can use drones in dairy farming.

Drones are the latest tool to enter farming, they can do several tasks easily and efficiently than employed labour.