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Farmers Can Produce Their Energy And Save On Expenses

Together with energy conservation practices, farmers can start their own energy production to become self-sufficient from the grid. Not only does renewable energy enables the farmer to save money, but it also combats global warming’s effects. Hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, solar, and wind power can create electricity for heating, lighting, and gas for use.
This post outlines and describes appropriate applications for energy options.  With a small primary investment, energy can be obtained for free from renewable  » Read more

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Producing Renewable Energy on Dairy Farms

Renewable energy on dairy farms
Farming isn’t cheap and the price of produce is directly affected by rising energy costs. Farms large and small often see a lot of their budget going toward paying the costs of monthly energy bills.
Fuel and energy expenses affect the cost of transport usage, feed, and fertilizer. Renewable energy options are now being employed by farmers who are looking to better manage their bottom-line.
Growing produce that can  » Read more

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Initiatives for Energy Conservation in Dairy Farming

Dairy farming in Canada makes up a large portion of the country’s economy. There are over 12,746 dairy farms nationwide with milk products contributing around 7.8 billion dollars of gross domestic products.
With such a substantial marketplace, it stands to reason why initiatives must be taken to conserve energy.  Crop surveying techniques have been proven to aid farmers in reporting the conditions of their plants, so they don’t have to hire a team  » Read more