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John Deere Industrial Farm Equipment Honored At CES

John Deere Industrial Equipment presented at CES to identify and support current and possibly new technologies to agriculture to improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability. John Deere was honored in the Robotics category of the 2021 CES Innovation Awards, which recognizes outstanding product design and technology in consumer tech products. This is the second subsequent year John Deere has obtained a CES Innovation Award. X Series Combines
X Series Combines
John Deere is a CES  » Read more

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Latest Farm Equipment For Today’s Commercial Farmer

If you are into commercial farming, there are different types of farm equipment that can significantly improve your operations. Commercial farming involves a variety of categories that include but are not limited to the following: animal husbandry, horticulture as well as cereal production.
The primary goal of commercial farming is to maximize production to generate more revenue. However, one thing you should know is that different farming activities are labor intensive. You can achieve high productivity  » Read more

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Why All Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Need To Go Digital

Digital technology has integrated into modern product manufacture to a great extent.
Connectivity to digital services and the IoT (Internet of Things) means that devices are smarter and more capable. This is such a common thing, at such a rapid rate of expansion, that digital processes are almost second nature.
Industrial equipment manufacturers need to embrace digital technology to avoid falling behind other competitors. This means new strategies and attitudes to digital tech integration  » Read more