The Economic and Green Benefits of Solar Power Water Pumps

Solar Power Water Pumps

There has been much talk of alternative fuel sources, especially in the United States where the dependence on other countries for fuel and energy have made the U.S. quite vulnerable both politically and economically.

In addition to the need to reduce dependence on foreign governments for fuel, there are benefits to the ecosystems as there is a reduced dependence on electricity, which in some cases is powered by fossil fuels, and is not good for the environment.

Solar powered energy is not a new concept; however, it is now an idea that needs to be seriously entertained. With climate changes, it is quite possible that there could be a reduction in rainwater, and this influences the agricultural industry that is often dependent upon nature to supply the water needs to reduce operating costs.

In addition, the use of solar water pumps could open possibilities of agricultural resources in more remote areas where there is limited access to electricity or where it is impossible to install power lines.

Why Use Solar Power Pumps?

With so much of the land in the U.S. being used for highways and new home developments to meet the ever-expanding population.

Sources Of Energy

Soon there will be a limited amount of real estate on which crops and livestock can be raised for food to feed this growing population.

Solar powered water pumps could mean the expansion of land resources into areas yet untapped.

Due to the reduced need for electricity, solar water pumps could also be utilized to supply water to communities and villages in underdeveloped nations.

Crops and livestock could be grown reducing these countries’ dependence on entities that overtake these communities and use the people for their advantages.

This would also mean clean water sources that would improve living and health conditions of the inhabitants and livestock, reduce the death rate, and improve the overall economic and life quality for the people.


While the initial costs for establishing a solar-powered water pump are not inexpensive, it is a one-time cost; however, as with any appliance used for home or land, there are of course maintenance costs involved.

The big picture is that these pumps use solar energy to draw from existing water sources both above and beneath the earth’s surface.

Water sources that run beneath the earth’s surface provide the purest and cleanest water. This is where pure spring water that is placed in fancy bottles and sold on store shelves is derived. With solar water pumps, this water could be a source for people living in rural areas as well as in the suburbs. This would also reduce costs of water provided by distributors as there is a reduced dependence on electricity.

On a lower scale, the use of solar-powered water pumps can be installed on private property either above or below ground. The solar pump makes use of existing near water either from a stream on the property, or a water source below ground.

Water Pumps

The water can be used for both domestic purposes as well as for watering plants, and sprinkler systems, and providing water to both pets and livestock.

The use of alternative sources of energy will soon be one of not the choice, but of necessity. The United States is at a point where the current leadership is in denial of climate change, and therefore programs that have been lobbied for and put in place for years are now being abandoned.

It will be up to citizens and businesses to fend for themselves. Alternative sources of energy will not only make people less dependent upon electricity, municipal water supplies, fuel obtained through foreign entities, but also a presidential administration that denies the need for an alternative means energy or to utilize the natural solar power that will aid in the preservation of natural resources.

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