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Crop Surveillance Drones: Take Your Farming to Next Level

Crop surveillance and monitoring have been made easy with the introduction of video technology and the use of drones. Initially, the only way a farmer could inspect the health and vitality of their fields was by walking through the fields by foot or use the costly method of airplanes filming that flew over the extensive fields.
With the coming of crop surveying drones, farmers can now have their crops inspected using high precision  » Read more

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Farmers Reap Better Yields With Crop Surveying Drones

Agriculture is one sector that is growing rapidly. More and more people are getting into farming and many young people are considering courses in the field. Agriculture has also not been left behind in technology, tech agriculture is becoming popular all over the world.
Among the technological advances in the agricultural sector is the use of drones in agriculture and crop management. The success of your farm largely depends on crop management, which is why it  » Read more

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Drones can help Farmers Keep an Eye on their Crops from the Sky

Bird eye view
Imagine having the ability to take a bird`s eye view of your crops and cattle with precision accuracy all from a comfortable distance.
This has always been every farmer`s dream and it is now becoming a reality with the advent of the drone revolution which is no longer just the domain of hobbyist and soldiers.
Agricultural innovators are now experimenting with high megapixel cameras attached to copter drones capable of flying over large  » Read more