15 Precision Agriculture Companies to Follow in 2016

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precision Agriculture TechchnologyPrecision Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. 2016 is already proving to be a year of the greatest technological advancements in the agricultural industry has ever seen.

These new innovations mean more savings for farmers, increased productivity, and ultimately higher quality groceries for consumers.

Each day startup companies seem to be emerging out of Silicon Valley promising new and better yield maps with variable rate fertilization information storage. All these new businesses can be a bit overwhelming for retailers and consumers to navigate through.

This article will serve as a compass for retailers and farmers to guide them to the companies that are worth the time of getting to know. Included in this article are 15 Precision Agriculture companies Agriculturists should be following:

1. Machinery Link Solutions

Machinery Link Solutions may soon be John Deere tractor’s biggest competition. Owners of used heavy equipment will be able to rent their machinery while they await an actual buyer.

This could make leasing a more attractive option than owning for some farmers who only need certain equipment for temporary or intermittent projects. It will be intriguing to see how quickly this company’s business picks up.

2. SST software

SST software is becoming more well known not only for their groundbreaking applications but for their integration capabilities. This company is committed to providing its partners with the most advanced information sharing standards in the business. A forecast for success is likely to be seen in SST software’s future.

3. CropMetrics

The newest product of promise from CropMetrics is its virtual optimize water management device. The easy to use system provides instant alerts about changing weather and environmental conditions.

Season long irrigation prediction can work alongside crop maintenance for optimal results. As of right now, it is free for anyone to sign up for a virtual optimizer account.

4. John Deere

One of the most respected names in the farming industry is still worth the watch today. John Deer will likely be shifting its focus from heavy machinery to Precision Agriculture technology.

Tractors will always be at the forefront of their products, but predictions suggest they will making data management software to accompany their classic green and yellow heavy equipment.

5. Farmobile

Farmobile values ease of use above all else. Their latest device gathers farm data and then processes it in an electronic farm record. Researchers can access whatever they need via an iPad.

It can’t get much more easy to use than that and that’s why they are causing a stir in the farming business.

6. Granular

Granular’s main focus is providing exceptional customer service. Their team of professionals wants to connect the best farmers with the best software developers to create unrivaled success. Granular is growing at a rapid pace. It will be interesting to see how far they go in a year’s time.

7. iCropTrak

In a world where hackers are constantly trying to steal business owners’ intellectual property, it’s good to have operations that can run offline. The iCropTrak is one of the few data storage applications that can be utilized without the internet.

Their tool will assist farm operators in establishing specific practices that can be modified over time. It will manage the results of their changes and show them the best method overall so farmers can make the best choices for their land and crops.

8. MyAgCentral

MyAgCentral obviously recognized the reputation John Deere has in the farming industry. As many farmers only trust John Deere tractors, they made their farm managing information system compatible with John Deere equipment. This cloud-based management system has a lot of agriculturists talking about the future of their company.

9. 360YieldCenter

Their nitrate testing system has provoked the interest of many agriculturalists over recent months.This system puts more power in the hands of its users and can be manipulated by just the touch of an iPad. Their work in simplifying applications will likely be what skyrockets them to agricultural tech fame.

10. AgEagle

AgEagle has already garnered much attention in the agricultural industry for its dependable drones. Its latest drones come equipped with after photo processing interfaces and precise flight control capabilities. With new innovations to follow, AgEagle is definitely worth the watch.

11. AgGateway

AgGateway is a network of nonprofit companies geared at making farmers successful. Their focus is the betterment of online farming marketing and supplies.

One of their current projects promises to easily transfer critical details from machinery to information processing systems.

This ease of data movement should help farmers make informed decisions when it comes to maintaining their farm land and equipment.

12. IBM’s Watson

IBM’s Watson has been a game changer in a multitude of industries and now it’s making headway in the agricultural industry. Their predictive analytic program is one of a kind. IBM’S unique skill set could bring unmatched ingenuity to the agricultural world. It will be interesting to see how far it progresses in the next twelve months.

13. Aglytix

Aglytix is a tech company whose primary function is problem-solving through its detailed analytic software. Their software claims to be able to predict the upcoming yield expectancy.

They use numerous data collected to understand the problems and strengths of the crops being grown. Once more, if there is a problem in production the software can identify and recommend the respective solution.

14. Agribotix

Agribotix is a company focused on making drone usage on farms efficient and cost effective. Their image processing and analytic programs can function cohesively with most unmanned aerial vehicles on the market today. Therefore, farmers save by being able to use a drone they already own or by keeping the buying options open.

15. AquaSpy

AquaSpy has released a product they say can separate moisture from conductivity by the use of a multi-sensor probe. They claim that their moisture sensors respond to plant roots every quarter of an hour.

AquaSpy will allow its subscribers to have access to the data collected so they can plan ahead or make changes when necessary.

All these Precision Agriculture companies have something new and exciting to offer the farming industry. It will be intriguing to watch all of them blossom in months and years to come.

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