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Agricultural Research With Remote Sensing Data Collected from Drones

Drones can help you achieve precision agriculture
Precision agriculture is about site specific responsiveness to farming so as to improve optimization of output production while preserving input resources.
Every farmer in the world today is working towards achieving the highest level of precision agriculture possible and drone technology has become the holy grail of achieving this objective.
How drones achieve precision agriculture
 Agricultural UAVs today are designed with aerial sensor and software systems such as high-resolution  » Read more

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Looking for Agriculture Drones? Here’s is a List of Top Agriculture Drones Available

According to a report by the Radiant Insight Research firm the global market for agricultural drones is estimated to reach $3.7 billion dollars by the year 2022.
This is because drones offer great opportunities for automation of farming processes, data gathering through aerial surveillance and data processing software to calculate future crop yields.

Below is a list of 5 agriculture drones that are revolutionizing how farming is done.
DT-26 Crop mapper
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