Looking for Agriculture Drones? Here’s is a List of Top Agriculture Drones Available

agriculture drones

Agricultural dronesAccording to a report by the Radiant Insight Research firm the global market for agricultural drones is estimated to reach $3.7 billion dollars by the year 2022.

This is because drones offer great opportunities for automation of farming processes, data gathering through aerial surveillance and data processing software to calculate future crop yields.

Below is a list of 5 agriculture drones that are revolutionizing how farming is done.

DT-26 Crop mapper

French tech company Delair designed this drone to have a battery life of over 1 hour so that it could survey large farms without the need for constant recharging. It has a 1080p camera, a top speed of 110km/hr, the transmission range of 50km as well as a video link range of 15km and a stand alone controller system.

It requires either hand or catapult force in order to launch and it is designed for rough weather so it can sustain flight even under winds speeds of over 70km/hr.
Price: $120,000

E384 UAV

This drone is best used for aerial data collection since it can cover a range of 44 miles while offering 5 cm per pixel picture quality. Its cruise speed is roughly 12m/s and it can stay in the air for over 100 minutes.

It is equipped with GPS and Georeferencing software so it`s autopilot capable. Its camera range is 1km and it comes with a balanced lipo charger. For its price, it is a pretty good get and it is popular.
Price: $2,400


This aircraft is mainly designed for agricultural purposes with a one-hour maximum battery life, 1080 HD resolution camera, and tablet control system. It requires an expert level of training and practice for effective use and it can travel a range of up to 600 acres while being able to withstand winds of up to 30mph.

Its vertical wings are cheaply replaceable in case of accidents and the aircraft is unique for its special bungee cord launch feature. It’s 18 megapixels Near In fared sensor can allow it to monitor crops on a very detailed level to offer a wide range of useful data.
Price: $3,000

AgDrone UAS

Honeycomb manufacturers outdid themselves designing this sophisticated drone with a 1080p camera, autonomous capability with a stand alone controller system.

The drone can last up to one hour without requiring a recharge, it’s equipped with mission planning software so that a farmer only needs to key in specific parameters for aerial surveillance and the drone will take care of the rest.

It is capable of autonomous landing if it loses contact with its primary user and not only can it collect data but also analyses it and compares it with previous crop yields to determine whether revenues will be good or bad.
Price: $10,000

Quad Indigo

Requiring expert handling this UAV has a 1080p camera with both tablet and stand alone controlling systems. It has superior hover capabilities and the ability to fly at low altitudes safely.

It comes with a field support kit, gyro sensor mount as well as training manual. It can keep flying for up to 45 minutes without charge and it is equipped with both autopilot capability and autonomous landing should it be necessary.
Price: $25,000

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